St.Anthony (The Warrior of God)

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Co-written and directed by Antonello Belluco, “Anthony Warrior of God” is an inspiring tale of historical and doctrinal resonance that doesn’t preach, but instead invites the audience to go on a journey of reflection and contemplation regardless of their theological convictions. The film stars Jordi Mollá (Blow, Elizabeth: The Golden Age), Matt Patresi, Damir Todorovic (The Nativity Story), Giovanni Capalbo (The Passion of the Christ), Arnoldo Foí  (II Caimano) and Paolo De Vita (Excellent Cadavers) and depicts the story of the remarkable man whose deeply rooted faith enabled him to challenge society in support of his people.

St. Anthony began life as a young nobleman who enjoyed all the sumptuous pleasures and privileges of that medieval Europe could offer. Yet he was compelled by a mysterious inner voice to gaze upon the unspeakable misery, disease and cruelty around him. Overcome with boundless compassion, he entered a monastery, dedicating his fine mind and fragile body to defending the poor and oppressed against injustice. This revolutionary saint dared to challenge the highest spheres of society, the government and even the Church, if they were guilty of exploiting the common people.

His story continues to this day with the many accounts of those who have been transformed by “the most famous saint in the world”, St. Anthony of Padua.

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