Drudge notes "Men becoming priests at mid-life"

Internet news rainmaker DrudgeReport.com noted this article by Pantagraph: "Men becoming priests at mid-life". I'm happy that this trend is gaining visibiliy:
In what he calls his past life, the Rev. Geoffrey Horton worked at a Bloomington-Normal insurance company, coached a women’s softball team, owned a home and invested in a 401K.

Although life was good, Horton, 43, felt something was missing. In May, he found his calling as a newly ordained Roman Catholic priest.

“I became a priest for the only reason anyone should ever become a priest, because I felt that’s what God was asking of me,” said Horton, currently assigned at a church in Peoria.
There's much to comment on hear, as well as about the topic in general. But sadly, current obligations dictate that I have to shut down blogger and prepare for a busy upcoming week for now. So have at it!

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