What seminarians are reading: "Hidden Enemies of the Priesthood"

From the Dominican Friars blog:
"If you want to know what seminarians are reading in their spare time these days, one needs to look at a book by Fr. Basil Cole, O.P. — a professor of Moral and Spiritual Theology at the Dominican House of Studies. His recent book The Hidden Enemies of the Priesthood has become something of a rage among seminarians around the country.
Recently, when preaching a retreat for seminarians from all over the country, Fr. Basil learned that many of them were not only reading but recommending to each other his book. He later learned that the former Archbishop of St. Louis, Raymond Burke, purchased and distributed copies for every seminarian in his Archdiocese. The publisher’s first printing of the book ran out some time ago, and it seems the second will do the same. In addition, Dr. Jeff Mirus of CatholicCulture.org gave a very favorable review of the book."
Br. James Brent, OP conducted a helpful interview with Fr. Cole, which I recommend reading. A sample:
What are some of the enemies of the priesthood that you discuss in the book?
Fr. Basil: Two major enemies come to mind: ignorance of the dignity of the gift of priesthood, and pride as the queen of the seven capital vices. Most spiritual authors and the Catechism of the Catholic Church teach there are only seven capital vices. Thomas teaches that the seven are lieutenants of the queen. Ignorance of the Queen as the “anti-form” (my terminology) of the vices tends to obscure the deepest enemy of the priest. He may think one or other is his problem but the real problem for all is pride, which governs as it were the other vices.
What are some of the remedies for these ills that you discuss?

Fr. Basil: Contemplation, humility, the prayer of petition done with humility, patience and persistence,together with mercy toward one’s peers and formators.
Read up, young men, and be assured of our prayers!

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