The Guardian Angel

See that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that their angels in heaven always look upon the face of my heavenly Father.
Mt 18,10

Drink at the clear fountain of the Acts of the Apostles. In the twelfth chapter, Peter, freed from prison by the ministry of Angels, comes to the house of the mother of Mark. Those inside will not believe the girl, who says that Peter is at the door. Angelus ejus est! It must be his Angel!' they said.
The Way, 570

You are amazed that your guardian Angel has done you such obvious favours. And you should not be amazed: that's why our Lord has placed him beside you.
The Way, 565

The liturgy rejoices with the song: Tota pulchra es Maria, et macula originalis non est in te! — You are all fair, O Mary, without original sin! In Her there is not the slightest shadow of duplicity. I pray daily to our Mother that we may be able to open our souls in spiritual direction and the light of grace may shine in all our behaviour! Mary will obtain for us the courage to be sincere, if we ask her for it, so that we may come closer to the Most Blessed Trinity.
Furrow, 339

When they talked to him about committing himself personally, his reaction was to reason in the following manner: “If I did, I could do that..., I would have to do this other... ”—The answer he got was: “Here, we don’t bargain with the Lord. The law of God, the invitation of the Lord, is something you either take or leave, just as it is. You need to make up your mind: go forward, fully decided and without holding back; otherwise, go away. Qui non est mecum... — whoever is not with Me, is against Me.”
Furrow, 9

I know you will be glad to have this prayer to the holy guardian Angels of our Tabernacles:
O Angelic Spirits that guard our Tabernacles, wherein lies the adorable treasure of the holy Eucharist, defend it from profanation and preserve it for our love.
The Way, 569

How joyfully the holy guardian Angels must have obeyed that soul who said to them: 'Holy Angels, I call on you, like the Spouse of the Song of Songs, ut nuntietis ei quia amore langueo, to tell him that I languish with love.'
The Way, 568

Have confidence in your guardian Angel. Treat him as a lifelong friend — that is what he is — and he will render you a thousand services in the ordinary affairs of each day.
The Way, 562

Win over the guardian Angel of that person whom you wish to draw to your apostolate. He is always a great 'accomplice'.
The Way, 563

You say that in such surroundings there are many occasions of going astray? That's true, but is there not also the presence of the guardian Angels?...
The Way, 566

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