St. Teresa of Los Andes



One needn’t live a long life to leave a deep imprint. Teresa of Los Andes is proof of that.

As a young girl growing up in Santiago, Chile, in the early 1900s, she read an autobiography of a French-born saint—Therese, popularly known as the Little Flower. The experience deepened her desire to serve God and clarified the path she would follow. At age 19 she became a Carmelite nun, taking the name of Teresa.

The convent offered the simple lifestyle Teresa desired and the joy of living in a community of women completely devoted to God. She focused her days on prayer and sacrifice. “I am God’s, ” she wrote in her diary. “He created me and is my beginning and my end. ”

Toward the end of her short life, Teresa began an apostolate of letter-writing, sharing her thoughts on the spiritual life with many people. At age 20 she contracted typhus and quickly took her final vows. She died a short time later, during Holy Week.

Teresa remains popular with the estimated 100,000 pilgrims who visit her shrine in Los Andes each year. She is Chile’s first saint.

Opening prayer of the proper mass of Saint Teresa de Los Andes:

God of mercy, joy of the saints, you set the youthful heart of Saint Teresa ablaze with the fire of virginal love for Christ and for his Church; and even in suffering you made her a cheerful witness to charity.
Through her intercession, fill us with the delights of your Spirit, so that we may proclaim by word and deed the joyful message of your love to the world.

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ your Son who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit now and for ever.


Novena prayer to Saint Teresa de Los Andes:

Lord Jesus, you chose St Teresa of Los Andes to show people the joy of knowing and loving you. She consecrated her life to your love and reflected in her countenance the beauty of your divine Face. You also asked her to spread the joyful message of the Gospel and she spent her young life living the Gospel of love. We ask you, Lord, that her canonization by the Church may serve to exalt your name and to bring her message of faith and love, of joy and hope, to everyone, especially those most in need. We also ask you to grant us the particular grace we now pray for through her intercession.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father...

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