Giovanni Gigliozzi was a famous journalist, radio broadcaster and writer who lived and worked in Rome. Giovanni had a great love for Padre Pio and Padre Pio in turn had a great love for him. Giovanni’s beautiful spiritual writings were presented in some of the earliest publications put out by Our Lady of Grace monastery in San Giovanni Rotondo. Giovanni always looked forward to attending Padre Pio’s Mass and he did so whenever his schedule would allow him to.

For a long time, Giovanni had suffered from migraine headaches. On one occasion, shortly before he was scheduled to go on the air at his broadcast studio in Rome, he had a severe migraine headache. He knew from experience that the terrible headache would probably last for a long time. He told the director of the show that he would not be able to do the program that day. “But you have to do the program!” the director said. “We have no one who can substitute for you.”

The director led him to one of the offices that had a couch. He told him to lie down and rest and perhaps the headache would go away. Giovanni followed his advice. He stretched out on the couch, closed his eyes and tried to relax.

Lying on the office couch, Giovanni suddenly heard a strange sound; it sounded like the clicking of Rosary beds. Next, he heard footsteps. He opened his eyes and to his utter amazement, he saw Padre Pio standing beside the couch. He was staring intently at Giovanni. Giovanni was so startled by the unexpected appearance of Padre Pio that he let out a scream. The thought occurred to Giovanni that perhaps he was about to die and that Padre Pio was there to usher him into the next world.

Padre Pio smiled and put his hand on Giovanni’s head in a blessing. Right after that, Padre Pio disappeared. Giovanni then realized that his migraine headache had vanished. He was able to continue with the scheduled broadcast that day.

The next time Giovanni visited the monastery of Our Lady of Grace, Padre Pio greeted him and said, “By the way, how are those headaches doing?” “I am feeling very well now,” Giovanni replied. “And I thank you for assisting me,” he added. Padre Pio then smiled at him and said, “My goodness, those hallucinations!” It was Padre Pio’s way of confirming to Giovanni that he had come to his aide.

From: Pray, Hope, and Don’t Worry: True Stories of Padre Pio Book II by Diane Allen

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