Happy Solemnity of the Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary

                                        THE PRAYER TO THE IMMACULATE

O Immaculate Virgin Mary,
Mother of God and Our Mother:
Queen of Heaven and Earth,
Mediatrix of every grace!
Thou through whom dost shine the whole splendor and magnificence of the Trinity!

O Fount of Light!
O Light of all lights!
O shining Brightness of the Eternal Light!
O spotless Mirror of the Divine Majesty!
O Window upon the Divine Nature!
O Portal opening unto Eternity!
O blessed Gate of Heaven!
O Doorway thru which has shone the Light of men!
O Door of the Most High King!
O Horizon out of which is arisen the Sun of Justice!
O Promontory above the Ocean of Divinity!
O Watchtower before the blazing Majesty of God!
O Star of the Sea!
O Star of Heaven, who alone has crushed all the Stars fallen from Heaven!
O Morning Star, who has merited to usurp the name of the first fallen Star!
Thou who dost now gaze upon the wondrous abundance of the Divine Vision, as the One closer to the Face of God than all creatures!

Rejoice O Thou, who has borne the Clarity of the Eternal Light!
Rejoice, O glorious and mystical City of God!
Rejoice, O Thou, who art more glorious than the Sun,more beautiful than the Moon, who dost shine more golden than the dawn, more brightly than the stars.
Rejoice O Mother of the Lamb, the Light of the City of God, who has made Thee shine forever with His own incomparable Light!
Rejoice, O Immaculate Virgin, who dost hold the Light of God in the palms of Thy hands, who dost behold the Child Jesus, the Eternal Light, in wondrous glory for all eternity!
Rejoice O Most Blessed Virgin, for it is through Thee that all the Angels of Heaven and all the Choirs of the Elect art enlightened and filled with the Incomparable Radiance!

O Immaculate Mother, lead us to Heaven, inflame us with the Divine Love, let shine upon us that same light of glory which Thou dost behold forever!
Let us see What Thou dost see and gaze upon Him in Trinity, that we may share the fullness of Thy Heart’s joy forever!

Let it be!

Let it be!


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