Prayer to St. Benedict Joseph Labre

O wondrous pattern of Christian perfection, Saint Benedict Joseph, from thy earliest use of reason even to thy dying day, thou didst keep unspotted the white robe of innocence, and, forsaking all things and becoming a pilgrim on earth, thou didst gain naught therefrom save only suffering, privations and reproaches. Miserable sinner that I am, I kneel at thy feet, and return thanks to the infinite goodness of the Most High God who hath willed to imprint on thee the living likeness of His crucified Son. At the same time I am filled with confusion when I consider how different is my life from thine. Do thou, beloved Saint, have pity on me! Offer thy merits before the throne of the Eternal, and obtain for me the grace to follow thine example and to direct my actions according to the precepts and teachings of our divine Master: thus let me learn to love His sufferings and His humiliations, and to despise the pleasures and honors of earth: so that neither the fear of the former, nor the desire of the later may ever induce me to transgress his holy law. May I merit in this manner to be acknowledged by Him and numbered amongst the blessed of his Father. Amen. (Raccolta)

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