Saint Abban

Country : Ireland Date: 620

Family :
Father : Cormac Ui Dunlainge, King Of Laigin & Leinster 
Mother : Unknown
Spouse: None 
Siblings: Saint Dar-Carthaind, Saint Ethne

Branches of the Tree : The King of Ireland Brian Boroimhe is in this branch of the tree. Saints in the branch of King Brian include Saint Flannan, Saint Breacan. A related branch of the tree of King Brian’s wife Gormflaith Of Nass is the Saint Cumne, Saint Sodelb, Saint Ethne, Saint Dar-Carthaind, Saint Fedelm, Saint Coeman Santlethan and Saint Mugain, all in the branch of the tree of King Brian’s wife Gormflaith Of Nass 

Biography: Saint Abban was an Irish prince. He was the nephew of Saint Ibar and son of King Cormac of Leinster. In modern County Wexford and Ferns Saint Abban founded many churches. This was in the Old district of Ui Cennselaigh. The main monastery was in Adamstown, Ireland, called Magheranoidhe. Part of this monastery’s fame is because of a different Abban, according to some records, the Abban of New Ross. Saint Abban served as abbot at Kill-Abban Avvey in Leinster until March 16, 1620. Adamstown was once called Abbanstown, and he is revered there.

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