Saint Adalbald I De Artois

Country: Date: b 600 d. 652

Family: Parents: Father- Richemeres von Franconia 
Mother- Gertrude of Hamage Saint
Wife: Saint Rictrudis 
Children: Adalbald II De Artois; Eusibia Saint, Clotsind Saint, Adalsind Saint, and Mauront Saint

Ancestry: Parents unknown as well as any other ancestor.

Descendents: Sainted Descendents include Saint Adelaide Empress of Italy, Saint Henry II, Saint Louis IX, Saint Adele Countess of Blois, Saint Cunigunda of Luxemborg, Saint David of Scotland, Saint Margaret of Scotland, Saint Ferdinand III of Spain, Saint Leopold III of Austria, Saint Leutwinus, and Saint Raymond Berenger IV. Blessed Charlemagne, blessed Humbert III, and Blessed Gisele are also Descendents. Royal Descendents Include King of Aragon Pedro II, King of Castile Alphonso VIII, King of England William the Conqueror, King of France Hugh Capet, King of Hungary Andreas II, King of Italy Berenger I, King of Naples Charles II, King of Navarre Teobaldo, King of Jerusalem Fulk V, King of Scotland William the Lion.

Biography: Saint Adabald of Ostrevant faced some of the most vicious in-laws ever recorded. He was a martyr and noble. St. Gertrude of Hamage was his mother and was born in Flanders. In Dagobert I of France’s court he was a nobleman. Going to Gascony, in France, to put down a local rebellion, Meeting a noblewoman, Rictrudis, daughter of Ernold while going to France, specifically Gascony he fell in love and married her. He was traveling to put down a revolt. Many of her relatives objected due to his warring in that region. Dedicated to acts of mercy and religious projects, Adalbald and Rictrudis lived happily. His inlaws however killed him upon his return to Gascony, thus making Adalbald a martyr. At his tomb many miracles have been reported.

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