The Holy Clinius of Pontecorvo

Memorial : 30 March

The Holy Clinius (Clinus, it: Clinio, Clino) was born sometime in the 900s and he was a Greek. He lived in the early 1000's as a basilian monk (Ordo Sassi - Obas) and later abbot at basilian (Greek) Monastery San Pietro della Foresta between Pontecorvo and Rocca Guillermo (now called Esperia) in the Province of Frosinone in the Lazio region of central Italy. His name appears on a gift letter signed by him in 1030. Later, in the second half of the century, the monastery was subject to Montecassino, so says Ferrari and other sources do say that Clinius was a Benedictine monk at Montecassino.

Clinius died sometime before 1050 in the monastery of St. Peter, famous for his holiness and miracles. His relics were transferred to the church of Santa Maria di Rocca Guillermo in Esperia, where he is celebrated as the main patron saint of the 30th March.

When the venerable Cardinal Cesare Baronius (1538-1607), scholar oratorianer and church historian, revised Martyrologium Roman in the late 1500s, he placed Clinius on the 30th March on the basis of a statement by Bishop Flaminio Filonardi of Aquino. Neither Bollandists or Ferrari in the preparation of his Catalogus Sanctorum Italiae , had some information, but Ferrari could consult some memories of the church of Aquino, who had some brief notes about Clinius.

Sources : Benedictines, bunson, KIR, CSO, Patron Saints SQPN,, - Compilation and Translation: Per Einar Odden

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