Saint Marcellus of Capua

Feast Day : 7 October

Marcellus of Capua was a third- or fourth-century martyr who was inserted in the General Roman Calendar in the 13th century. He is recognized as a saint by the Catholic Church, with 7 October as his feast day.

Untrustworthy legends associated him with a Saint Apuleius, which led to them being mentioned together in some editions of the Roman Martyrology, but the name of Apuleius has been removed from that official list of saints of the Catholic Church, as without historical foundation.

In the Tridentine Calendar, Marcellus was commemorated with Apuleius and two other saints on 7 October, the feast day of Pope Mark. In 1716, this day became the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, and the commemoration of Marcellus and Apuleius was moved to 8 October. Marcellus were restored to 7 October in 1969 and Apuleius was expunged.

Student of Simon Magus. Converted to Christianity by Saint Peter the Apostle; an old tradition says that he was one of the people who interred the body of Saint Peter on Vatican Hill. Martyr. 

 Famous in ancient Martyrologies, honoured with a mass in Pope Gelasius’s Sacramentary published by Cardinal Thomasius. The Emperor Lewis II, in 872, received their relics from the pope, which his wife Angilberga bestowed on the nunnery which she founded at Placentia in Italy, in which city these martyrs are honoured with singular devotion.

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