(Priest, shot to death in 1927)
(1866 - 1927)
Memorial : 25 May

 Julio Alvarez was born on 20 December 1866 in  Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Julio Alvarez was ordained in 1894. He worked his entire ministry at Mechoacanejo, Jalisco, Mexico. Visited the area ranches, going to people who would not come to the church. Great devotion to the Eucharist. When the Church was suppresed by the state, he conducted Mass on farms and baptized in mountain streams. Arrested on 26 March 1927 for the crime of priesthood. He was tied to a saddle and dragged several days to Leon where General Amaro sentenced him to death. Martyr.

He was shot on 30 March 1927 at San Julian, Jalisco, Mexco; body thrown onto a trash heap near his parish church at Mechoacanejo, Jalisco, Mexico

Julio Alvarez was venerated on 7 March 1992 by Pope John Paul II (degree of martyrdom). And beatified on 22 November 1992 by Pope John Paul II and 21 May 2000 by Pope John Paul II during the Jubilee of Mexico.

My crime is to be a minister of God. I pardon you. - Saint Julio just before execution.

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