What did you expect?

What did you expect? Do you think those who are proud of themselves, give glory to God? Has God blessed them or have they blessed themselves? What has society and the world taught you, about your self-esteem, about your worth, about your looks, belongings, property, and riches? They serve God in a vain illusion of themselves. What do you think will happen when accidents, tragedies, diseases, bankr...uptcies, wars, leave you with nothing? Many politicians of today want to murder babies and the elderly, this is their self-esteem, a culture of death that gnaws at the very fabric of society that keeps it together, your faith and your soul. They find it fulfilling pushing immorality down your throat as if it was candy and mock at it. What is the body worth without the soul? On whom do you stand? Do you think you are strong with them, just wait a couple of years until things crumble before your eyes and leave you with a blank stare in the darkness. 

Do not seek pride, my friend, but give it all away and you will be rich, strong, worth everything, if in humility and emptiness you will seek the Lord. The Lord cannot fill a container that is already full. With God in your heart, no man will be able to take away what is hidden within. If you have God you have everything.

Those who are proud slowly fade away, but you must give yourself away. Be careful little eyes what you see, trust in the Lord. Love God and leave everything else. Life is a slow fade without the Savior. Follow Him...

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