January 10, 2010

⛪ On January 10

πŸ“° Pope St. Agatho of Palermo (Sicilian, married man, monk, elected to papacy in 678, reigned until death in 681)

πŸ“° Bl. Ann of the Angels Monteagudo of Arequipa [Ana de los Angeles] (Peruvian, Dominican  prioress, died at about age 83 in 1686 [beatified 1985])

πŸ“° Bl. Benincasa of Cava (Italian, Benedictine  abbot, d. 1194 [beatified 1928])

πŸ“° St. Dermot of Inchcleraun [Diarmuid] (Irish, abbot, 6th Century)

πŸ“° St. John Camillus the Good of Milan (Italian, bishop, c. 660)

πŸ“° St. Marcian of Constantinople (from Asia Minor [now called Turkey], priest, c. 480)

πŸ“° Bl. Mary of Sorrows Rodriguez SopeΓ±a y Ortega of VΓ©lez Rubio [MarΓ­a Dolores] (Spanish, virgin, founded catechetical institute, died at age 69 in 1918 [beatified 2003])

πŸ“° Bl. Mary of the Conception de Batz de TrenquellΓ©on of Feugarolles [Marie de la Conception] [baptized AdΓ¨le] (French, virgin, co-founded Marianist Sisters, died at age 38 in 1828 [beatified 2018])

πŸ“° St. Nicanor of Jerusalem (Israelite, one of seven original deacons [Acts 6:5], missionary, martyred on Cyprus c. 76)

πŸ“° St. Peter Orseolo of Rivo Alto (Italian, Venetian doge, Benedictine  monk, hermit, died at about age 58 in 987 [canonized 1731])

πŸ“° St. Petronius of Avignon (French, monk, bishop of Die, c. 463)

πŸ“° St. Thomian of Armagh (Irish, archbishop, c. 660)

πŸ“° St. William de Donjeon of Nevers [Guillaume] (French, Cistercian  abbot, bishop of Bourges, miracle-worker, d. 1209 [canonized 1217])

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