January 25, 2019

⛪ Blessed Archangela Girlani - Religious

Blessed Archangela Girlani,
Pray For Us !
 Saint of the Day : January 25

 Other Names : Eleanor Girlani

 Memorial :
• 25 January • 13 February on some calendars
• 29 January on some calendars

 Born : 1460 at Trino, Italy as Eleanor Girlani

 Died : 25 January 1495 at Mantua, Italy

Blessed Archangela (IT: Arcangel) was born Eleanor Girlani in 1460 in the small town of Trino (Trino-Vercellese) in the diocese and the province of Vercelli in the Piedmont region on the border of Lombardy in northern Italy. From Trino Vercellese came the blessed Magdalene Panattieri (c. 1443-1503) and Oglerius of Lucedio (1136-1214).

Archangela planned to be benediktinernonne, and together with relatives and friends she made ready to travel to the monastery of Rocca delle Donne, which had planned a ceremony to raise her in order. But the plans were thwarted by her horse, who refused to carry her to the monastery. The company dissolved gradually and Eleanor returned home after the animal's unusual behavior was accepted as a divine intervention.

Soon after, introduced a Carmelite monk her for the life that was lived by the nuns of his order (Ordo Suorum Carmelitarum - OCarm), and she immediately saw in this a divine message that she should join them. In his 17-year anniversary in 1477 she stepped into the Carmelite order in their convent Maria Maddalena in Parma with his sisters Mary and Scholastic. Eleonora order took the name Archangela when she received the suit on 25 January 1478 As was customary at that time, the Archangela, who came from a noble family, soon placed in positions of responsibility despite his young age. She was Prioress of the Abbey and was a pattern image of all religious virtues, and had a special devotion to the Holy Trinity.

In 1492, she was at the request of the family Gonzaga sent to found and become the first Prioress of a convent in Mantua, Santa Maria del Paradiso . Her sister Scholastic became Prioress in Parma. Under the Archangela pious administration got the new monastery's reputation for fostering great holiness. Archangela spent many fruitful years in the monastery. She experienced the ecstasies and on many occasions she was found by the sisters in ecstasy as she levitated (floated) several feet above the ground, and Ecstasy to have lasted over 24 hours. It was also said that she performed miracles.

She died on 25 January 1495 in Mantua, 34 years old. She was buried in the simplicity of a common grave in the monastery. Three years later, when the tomb was opened to receive the remains of another nun, was Archangel Body found as intact as it was on the funeral day. Not only was it completely in every way, but it had also retained its natural color and was quite flexible. The miracles of her intercession rose to such astonishing numbers that it seemed appropriate to shelve the relics in a beautifully decorated box, which was placed above an altar made of expensive marble.

Almost 300 years after the death of Archangela, on 24 September 1782, the monastery was in Mantua closed by order of Josef II. Her body was intact when brought from Mantua to Trino, where she had been born, much to the pleasure. It was in 1802 placed in the church of San Lorenzo in Trino Vercellese, where it is still visited by numerous pious people. In 1932, the body carefully examined before it was placed in a new box, but unfortunately the skin of the face when damaged by a failed addition of chemicals.

A few months before the solemn celebration in 1960 on the occasion of 500-year anniversary of her birth, the body was again taken up by the shrine for official identification and investigation. It was again found quite complete, with the skin and muscles flexible. It was made a face mask to hide the wound after the chemicals and the like covering was also added at the perfectly preserved hands.

She was beatified on 1 October 1864 when her cult was confirmed by Blessed Pope Pius IX (1846-1878). Her memorial day is 13 February, but 29 January 25, the day of death January is also mentioned. Her body rests in the suit of a barefoot Carmelite in a beautifully decorated caskets of crystal.

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