Blessed Cherubin Testa of Avigliana

Cherubin, an only son, was born in Avigliana (Torino), Italy, in 1451, where he entered the Augustinian Order at the age of twenty. He died eight years later, on 17 December, 1479, barely eight months after his ordination as a priest.

Cherubin was distinguished by the spirit of obedience, purity of life, and devotion to the passion of Christ. To this day Blessed Cherubin is still very alive in Avigliana and the surrounding area. His mortal remains are displayed for the veneration of the faithful in the parish of Saints John and Peter in Avigliana (Torino), Italy.

Blessed Cherubin’s feast is celebrated by the Augustinian Family on 16 December.
Rotelle, John, Book of Augustinian Saints, Augustinian Press 2000

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