March 23, 2014

Venerable Angelico da None

The Venerable Angelico da None was a Saintly Italian Franciscan Capuchin Friar. 

Born Matteo Pittavano in None, Turin on May 28, 1875, to a family of agricultures, his father made no objection to his Vocation, until being that of a Diocesan Priest. Whilst undergoing studies in the Seminary of Chieri, his father passed away unexpectedly and he joined the Order of Franciscan Friars Minor Capuchins, beginning his Novitiate Year in the Convent of Racconigi. Ordained a Presbyter on December 18, 1897, he was named Professor of Philosophy for the Capuchin Novices and later Minister Provincial of the Capuchin Province of Piemonte. 

In 1914, he left as a Missionary to Eritrea and Ethiopia, where he worked for over thirty years, establishing Schools, Missionary Stations and Health Centres, earning the nickname of Frate Tuttofare. Exiled from Ethiopia in 1943, whilst the country was undergoing political conflicts, he returned to his native Country, where he retired inside the Capuchin Convent of Bra, passing long hours administering the Sacrament of Confession and in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

A keen Orator, the Friar passed away of January 15, 1953, aged 77. His remains are found inside the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli of the Capuchins in Bra. He was declared a Venerable by Pope John Paul II on March 7, 1992. 

Chiesa di Santa Maria degli Angeli 
Provincia di Cuneo
Piemonte, Italy

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