January 07, 2016

⛪ Blessed Matthew of Agrigento - Bishop the Apostle of Barcelona

Blessed  Matthew,
Intercede for us !
 Saint of the Day : January 7

⛪ Born :
• 1377 on the Via Arco di San Francesco di Paola in Rabbato, Agrigento, Italy

 Died :
• 7 January 1450 in the Franciscan monastery of Santa Maria di Gesù, Palermo, Sicily (in modern Italy) • Buried at the Santa Maria di Gesù monastery • Miracles reported at the Grave.

Mateusz of Agrigento , Friar Minor, owned by Matteo Guimerà, Frate Minore, also Matteo Gim (m) Ara (born around 1376 - 1377 in the Province of Agrigento , died in 1450 in a convent in Palermo ) - a Sicilian Franciscan observer , student of Saint. Bernardine of Siena , bishop of Agrigento (formerly Grigento ) in 1442-1445, apostle of Barcelona , reformer of the Order, blessed of the Roman Catholic Church .

He was probably born in a Spanish family. The date of birth was estimated on the basis of an entry under the date 30 July 1394 in the book of admission to the novitiate of the Franciscans in Bologna (he had to be at least 15 years old, but no more than 18).

He probably studied in Spain . He was a lover and supporter of the Most Holy Name of Jesus and the founder of many monasteries in Sicily in Messina , Palermo, Nicola Cammarata , Syracuse , Caltagirone and Grigento.

His liturgical memory , after the Franciscan Martyrology , is celebrated on January 7 .

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