November 03, 2018

⛪The Ursulines

Saint Ursuline

Ursuline, Roman Catholic religious order of women founded at Brescia, Italy, in 1535, by St. Angela Merici. The order was the first institute for women dedicated exclusively to the education of girls.

Inspired by a mystical vision that she would found a society of virgins, Angela and 28 companions consecrated themselves to God by a vow of virginity on November 25, 1535. The women placed themselves under the protection of St. Ursula, a legendary 4th-century martyr whose cult was popular in medieval Europe, and thus the Company of St. Ursula was born. Angela drew up her rule in 1536, which provided for the Christian education of girls in order to restore the family and, through the family, the whole of Christian society. She was unanimously elected superior of the company in 1537. The original Ursulines remained in their families and met regularly, which was an unusual arrangement at a time when most women were limited to marriage or cloistered life. Seeking to live with integrity in devotion to Christ, they carried out all kinds of charitable work, but their main endeavour was instruction in Christian doctrine.

As the Ursulines spread throughout Italy and France, certain modifications of form took place, although the aim and the spirit of the founder were preserved. In 1572 the Ursulines of Milan, at the request of St. Charles Borromeo, began to live in community as a congregation. The congregation of Paris in 1612 was raised to the status of a monastic order, living a strictly cloistered, or enclosed, life. In most modern Ursuline convents the enclosure has been modified to meet the needs of the apostolate. Through the efforts of Pope Leo XIII, in 1900 a “Roman union” of Ursuline convents was created. Many communities, however, retain their independent organization or are united in smaller groups. In 1639 Marie Guyard (Marie of the Incarnation) founded the Ursuline house at Quebec, the first congregation of women to be established in North America.

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