January 26, 2019

⛪ Saint Xenophon of Constantinople / Martyred Family of Constantinople

 Saint of the Day : January 26

Married to Saint Mary of Constantinople, father of Saint John and Saint Arcadius. A wealthy man of Senatorial rank in 5th century imperial Constantinople, he was known as a Christian who lived a simple life. To give their sons a good education, Xenophon and Mary sent them to university in Beirut, Phoenicia. However, their ship wrecked, there was no communication from them, and the couple assumed, naturally, that the young men had died at sea. Years later, the elderly couple made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem where they encountered their sons living as monks. Grateful to have his family re-united, and taking it as a sign, Xenophon gave up his position in society in Constantinople, and lived the rest of his life as a monk in Jerusalem. A few years later, the entire family was martyred together.

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