Blessed Vincent Cabanes

Feast Day : September 22

Roman Martyrology: In Bilbao, Spain, Vicente Bl Badenas overcoats, priest of the Capuchin Tertiary of the Blessed Virgin of Sorrows and Martyr, who, during the persecution against the faith, deserved to enter the banquet of glory.

Born in Torrent (Valencia) on February 25, 1908, became the Capuchin Tertiary September 15, 1923. Ordained a priest on March 12, 1932. Study at the University of Valencia and the Institute of Criminal Studies. Exercises his ministry in Madrid Schools Reform and Amurrio (Álava), alternating study, practical cabinet Psychology and spiritual direction of the Fraternity. Arrested on August 27, 1936 by the militia, he was transferred to Orduna, Vizcaya, try to do apostatize, and the refusal to become Amurrio, do alighting and leaving him for dead abalean meadow in San Bartolome de Orduna . Badly wounded, manages to get to a friend's house, and was taken to hospital in Orduna, and then to de Basurto, where he died on Sunday 30 September, having confessed and forgiven his murderers. He was known for his gentle, sweet and gentle nature. Faithful to duty, delivered to the apostolate of lost youth reform, with competence and zeal. He was beatified on March 11, 2001 with 232 martyrs during the civil war in Spain. 

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