January 03, 2010

⛪ On January 3

πŸ“° Bl. Alan de Solminihac of Saint-Aquilin [Alain] (French, Augustinian  superior, bishop for 23 years, visited all 800 parishes at least nine times, died at age 66 in 1659 [beatified 1981])

πŸ“° Pope St. Antherus (Greek, elected to papacy in 235, reigned just 43 days until martyrdom on this day in 236)

Sts. Athanasius and Zosimus of Cilicia (from Asia Minor [now called Turkey], tortured but survived, hermits, c. 303)

πŸ“° St. Bertilia of Maroeuil (French, noblewoman, patron of poor and sick, widow, c. 705)

πŸ“° St. Blitmund of Bobbio (Italian, abbot in France, d. 660)

πŸ“° Sts. Cyrinus, Primus, and Theogenes, of Cyzicus (soldiers, martyred in Asia Minor in 320)

πŸ“° St. Daniel of Padua (Italian, convert from Judaism, deacon, martyred in 168)

πŸ“° Sts. Finlugh of Derry and Fintan of Doon (Irish, brothers, abbots, 6th Century)

πŸ“° Sts. Florentius of Vienne I and II (French, bishops, one martyred c. 275, the other died c. 374)

πŸ“° St. GeneviΓ¨ve of Paris (French, shepherdess, virgin, visionary, saved Paris from barbarians, died at about age 78 c. 500)

πŸ“° St. Gordius of Caesarea (Cappadocian [from part of what is now Turkey], centurion, martyred by beheading in 304)

πŸ“° St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara of Kainakary (Indian, priest and vicar general of Syro-Malabar church, co-founder and first prior-general of the Congregation of the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate, died at age 65 in 1871 [beatified 1986, canonized 2014])

πŸ“° Sts. Narses and Joseph of Subagord (Persian, bishop and disciple, martyred)

πŸ“° St. Peter Balsam of Aulana (Palestinian, martyred by crucifixion c. 291)

πŸ“° St. Peter Absalon of Caesarea (Palestinian, martyred [buried alive] c. 311)

πŸ“° Sts. Theopemptus and Theonas of Nicomedia (from Asia Minor, bishop and layman, martyred in 284)

πŸ“° St. Wenog (Welsh)

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