January 04, 2010

⛪ On January 4

 πŸ“° St. Elizabeth Ann Seton of New York [nee Bayley] ["Mother Seton"] (American, convert from Episcopalianism, mother of five, widow, foundress of Daughters of Charity of Saint Joseph, started U.S. Catholic school system, died at age 46 in 1821 [beatified 1963, first native-born American to be canonized - 1975]) [On U.S. particular calendar] 

 πŸ“° St. Angela of Foligno (Italian, widow, Franciscan tertiary, mystic, died at age 60 in 1309 [beatified 1693, canonized 2013]) [commemorated by some on January 7] 

 πŸ“° Sts. Aquilinus, Geminus, Eugene, Marcian, Quintus, Theodotus, and Tryphon (African, martyred by Arians c. 484) 

 πŸ“° Bl. Christiana of the Cross Menabuoi of Castello di Santa Croce [baptized Oringa] (Italian, farm girl, serving maid, Augustinian nun, died at about age 70 in 1310 [beatified 1776]) 

 πŸ“° St. Dafrosa of Rome [also called Affrosa] (Italian, mother of St. Bibiana, martyred by beheading, 4th Century) 

 πŸ“° St. Emanuel Gonzalez Garcia of Seville [Manuel] ["Bishop of the Abandoned Tabernacle"] (Spanish, bishop, founder of Congregation of the Eucharistic Missionaries of Nazareth, founder of Disciples of Saint John, and founder of Children of Reparation, died at age 62 in 1940 [beatified 2001, canonized 2016]) 

 πŸ“° St. Ferreolus of UzΓ¨s (French, bishop, d. 581) 

 πŸ“° St. Genevieve Torres Morales of Almenara [Genoveva] (Spanish, orphan at age 8, lost a leg to amputation at age 13, founded and led Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and of the Holy Angels, died at age 86 in 1956 [beatified 1995, canonized 2003]) 

 πŸ“° St. Gregory of Langres (French, civil governor, widower, bishop of Autun, d. 539) 

 πŸ“° Sts. Hermas, Aggaeus, and Caius (martyred c. 300) 

 πŸ“° St. Libentius of Hamburg (German, Benedictine monk, bishop, d. 1013) 

 πŸ“° St. Mavilus of Hadrumetum (African, martyred [flung to ferocious beasts] in 212) 

 πŸ“° Bl. Palumbus of Subiaco (Italian, Benedictine priest, hermit, c. 1070) 

 πŸ“° St. PharaΓ―ldis of Ghent (Belgian, abused wife, died at about age 90 c. 740) 

 πŸ“° Sts. Priscus, Priscillianus, and Benedicta, of Rome (Italian, priest, cleric, and laywoman, martyred in 362) 

 πŸ“° St. Rigobert of Rheims (French, Benedictine abbot, archbishop, hermit, c. 745) 

 πŸ“° Bl. Roger of Ellant (English, Cistercian abbot in France, d. 1160) 

 πŸ“° St. Stephen du Bourg of Meyria [Etienne] (French, Carthusian priest, died at about age 88 in 1118) 

 πŸ“° Bl. Thomas Plumtree of Lincolnshire (English, priest, martyred [hanged] under Elizabeth I in 1570 [beatified 1886]) 

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