January 05, 2010

⛪ On January 5

 πŸ“° St. John Nepomucene Neumann of Prachititz [Jan Nepomuk] (Czech, missionary priest in New York/Maryland/Pennsylvania/Ohio, Redemptorist, bishop of Philadelphia, author of catechisms, died at age 48 [stroke] in 1860 [beatified 1963, first male American citizen canonized - 1977]) [On U.S. particular calendar] 

  πŸ“° Bl. Alacrinus of Casamari [Alacrino] (Italian, Cistercian prior, papal legate, d. 1216) 

 πŸ“°  St. Apollinaris (hermitess in Egypt, c. 450) 

  πŸ“° St. Cera of Kilkeary (Irish, abbess, 7th Century) 

  πŸ“° St. Charles of Mt. Argus Houben of Munstergeleen [Karel] [baptized Johannes Andreas (John Andrew)] (Dutch, Passionist priest in Belgium/England/Ireland, healer, died at age 71 in 1893 [beatified 1988, canonized 2007]) 

πŸ“° St. Charles Marchioni of Sezze [Carlo] [baptized Giovanni (John)] (Italian, shepherd, Franciscan brother, cook, porter, gardener, mystic, died at age 56 in 1670 [beatified 1882, canonized 1959]) [commemorated by some on January 7] 

πŸ“°  St. Convoyon of Redon (French, deacon, hermit, Benedictine abbot, died at about age 80 in 868 [canonized 1866]) 

πŸ“° St. Dorotheus the Younger of Khiliokomoas (Armenian, abbot, 11th Century) 

πŸ“° Holy Martyrs of Egypt (Egyptian, without number and anonymous, martyred in 303) 

πŸ“° St. Gaudentius of Gnesen (Czech, Benedictine monk in Italy, missionary and bishop in Germany, died at about age 44 c. 1004) 

 πŸ“° St. Gerlach of Valkenberg (Dutch, soldier, widower, hermit, died at about age 75 c. 1175) 

πŸ“°Bl. James LΓ³pez CaamaΓ±o y GarcΓ­a PΓ©rez of CΓ‘diz [Diego] [baptized/confirmed JosΓ© Francisco Juan Mari­a (Joseph Francis John Mary)] (Spanish, Capuchin priest, died within a week of his 58th birthday in 1801 [beatified 1894]) 

πŸ“°  St. Lomer of Corbion (French, hermit, monastic founder, d. 593) 

πŸ“° Bl. Maria Marcelina Darowska of Szulaki [nee Kotowicz] (Ukrainian, mother of two, widow, co-founded Congregation of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, superior for fifty years, died at age 83 in 1911 [beatified 1996]) 

πŸ“° Bl. Maria Repetto of Voltaggio (Italian, member of Daughters of Our Lady of Refuge [Brignolines], seamstress and embroiderer, died at age 82 in 1890 [beatified 1981]) 

πŸ“° St. Paula of Tuscany [Paola] (Italian, Camaldolese nun, peacemaker between cities, died at about age 50 in 1368) 

πŸ“° St. Simeon Stylites the Elder of Cilicia (Syrian, shepherd, monk, pillar-dwelling hermit for 36 years, died at about age 69 c. 459) 

πŸ“° St. Syncletica of Alexandria (Egyptian, hermitess, died at age 84 c. 400) 

πŸ“° St. Talida of AntinoΓ« (Egyptian, nun and abbess for over 80 years, 4th Century) 

πŸ“° Pope St. Telesphorus (Greek born in Italy, elected to papacy c. 125, reigned until martyred c. 136)

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