October 26, 2018

πŸ•‚Monthly Consecration to the Infant King

Sweetest Child Jesus, under the protection of the Immaculate Virgin, Thy Mother, and of Saint Joseph, today I prostrate myself at Thy feet and to Thee, Jesus, Who in Thy Nativity are given entirely to me, I consecrate my heart, my soul, my whole self in order to love Thee and serve Thee with all my strength.

My Divine Savior, I would want to have a larger heart in order to love Thee more.

O, if I could inspire in the hearts of everyone an ardent love of Thy adorable Infancy!

O Holy Child Jesus, grant that all people may know the omnipotence of Thy littleness and humility. Instill Thy simplicity and innocence in their hearts, and with all those who love Thee, O Divine Infant Jesus, today I adore in particular the moment of Thy Incarnation. Amen

O Divine Infant King, have mercy on us and grant our petitions.

Said every 25th of each month

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