Feb 14, 2014


Grave matter

Full knowledge

Deliberate consent


From the Catechism of St. Pius X, "The Main Kinds of Sin,"

Question 9-10:

Q: What injury does mortal sin do the soul?
A: (1)  Mortal sin deprives the soul of grace and of the friendship of God;
     (2)  It makes it lose Heaven; 
     (3)  It deprives it of merits already acquired, and renders it incapable of acquiring new               merits;
     (4)  It makes it the slave of the devil; 
     (5)  It makes it deserve hell as well as the chastisements of this life. 

Q: Besides grave matter, what is required to constitute a mortal sin?
A: To constitute a mortal sin, besides grave matter there is also required full consciousness of the gravity of the matter, along with the deliberate will to commit the sin.

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