February 14, 2014

⛪ White Scapular

Order of the Most Holy Trinity (Trinitarians)
A.D. 1198

"The Scapular of the Most Blessed Trinity" is the badge of the members of the Confraternity of The Most Blessed Trinity. Its front depicts a red and blue Cross, and it first came about in 1198 when a Spanish priest, John of Matha, had a vision of an angel wearing a white robe adorned with a Cross whose vertical line was red and whose cross-beam was blue (this Cross design came to be on the habit of the Trinitarian Order). This Scapular was first used for the purposes of of increasing action to "ransom the captives" -- the Christians taken prisoner by Muslims.

The General of the Trinitarians may grant the faculty of investment with this scapular to other priests.

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