March 27, 2014

Saint Adalsind

December 25

Country: Franconia, Prussia Date: 715

Father: Adalbald I De Artois Saint 
Mother: Saint Rictrudis
Spouse: Unknown Siblings: Adalbald II De Artois, Eusebia Saint, Clotsind Saint, and Mauront Saint

Ancestors: None known

Branches of the Tree: This branch is the branch near Saint Gertrude of Hamage.

Biography: Saint Adalsind was from a family of Saints. Her siblings Saint Eusebia, Saint Clotsind, and Saint Mauront and herself were children of Saint Adalbald and Saint Rictrudis. Saint Adalsind’s sister Saint Eusebia was abbess of a Benedictine convent at Hamayles-Marchiennes, near Arras, France where she joined.

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