January 01, 2019

⛪ Blessed Jean-Baptiste Lego - Priest & Martyr

⛪ Saint of the Day : January 1

 Memorial : 1 January • 2 January as one of the Martyrs of Angers

⛪ Born : 13 May 1766 in La Flèche, Sarthe, France

⛪ Died : Beheaded on 1 January 1794 at Angers, Maine-et-Loire, France

In the history of France was almost certainly the bloodiest year 1974. Especially for the Catholics who found themselves having to testify their faith to the outpouring of blood. That very year opened with the sacrifice of the life of the two brother priests Jean-Baptiste and René Lego. Born in La Flèche, in the French department of Sarthe, respectively May 13, 1766 and October 5, 1764. Ordained priests of the diocese of Angers (of Maine-et-Loire), soon found themselves in the storm of the revolution. They were forced to choose between the oath to the new Civil Constitution of the Clergy or loyalty to the Roman Pontiff. The two brothers opted, at the cost of their lives, for this second option and, after a trial against them, on January 1, 1794 near Angers they were guillotined. 

Throughout France an incalculable number of Catholics, Bishops, Priests, Religious and Lay people suffered the same fate and to limit themselves now to the diocese of Angers at least two thousand names are known. Together with some of them, on 19 February 1984 Pope John Paul II beatified the brothers Jean-Baptiste and René Lego, thus posing them as a model for the priests of today, sometimes more faithful to the secular fashions than to Christ and his Vicar on earth.

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📕 Blessed René Lego
Blessed Jean-Baptiste Lego, Pray for us !

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