Blessed Frederick of Regensburg


lessed Frederick was known for his dedication to prayer, and for his humility and love of the eucharist.

blessedfrederickregensburgFrederick was born of middle class parents in Regensburg (Bavaria), Germany, and entered the Augustinian Monastery of Saint Nicholas in that city as a lay brother. Saint Nicholas’ was the most important community of the Bavarian Province at the time, and hosted the general chapter of 1290 of the Augustinian Order, at which the first Constitution of the Augustinians was promulgated.

Frederick served the community principally as a carpenter and woodcutter, activities in which he demonstrated tireless concern for the needs of the monastery and his brothers. Well-known to his confreres were his love for prayer, his humility, charity, and devotion toward the blessed sacrament.

Frederick died in Regensburg on 29 November 1329. Devotion toward this generous and humble lay brother continued uninterrupted and, by 1481, information concerning miracles attributed to his intercession were collated. He was beatified on 12 May 1909 by Pope Pius X.

Unfortunately, very little factual information exists concerning Frederick’s life. However legends about him dating from the sixteenth century were written by the prior at Regensburg who was also a chronicler of the Augustinian Order. These were inspired by paintings representing scenes from the life of Frederick which an earlier prior of Regensburg had commissioned for Frederick’s tomb in 1481.

The Augustinian Family celebrates Frederick’s memorial on 29 November.

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