January 30, 2010

⛪ On January 30

πŸ“° St. Adelelmus of Laudun (French, manservant, soldier, Benedictine  abbot, c. 1100)

πŸ“° St. Agrippinus of Alexandria (Egyptian, bishop, c. 180)

πŸ“° St. Aldegundis of Maubeuge (French, daughter of two saints, sister of another, Benedictine  abbess, died at about age 50 in 684)

πŸ“° St. Alexander (elderly man, martyred by crucifixion in 3rd Century)

πŸ“° Bl. Amnichad of Fulda (Irish or Scottish, Benedictine  monk in Germany, hermit, d. 1043)

πŸ“° St. Armentarius of Antibes (French, bishop, c. 450)

πŸ“° St. Armentarius of Pavia (Italian, bishop, c. 711)

πŸ“° St. Barses of Edessa (Syrian, bishop, died in Egypt c. 379)

πŸ“° St. Barsimaeus of Edessa (Syrian, bishop, martyred c. 114)

πŸ“° St. Bathildis of Chelles (British, queen of France, mother of three kings, widow, Benedictine, d. 680)

πŸ“° Sts. Felician, Philippian, and 124 companions (African, early martyrs)

πŸ“° Bl. Haberilla of Mehrerau (Swiss, nun, c. 1100)

πŸ“° St. Hippolytus of Antioch (Syrian, martyred c. 250)

πŸ“° St. Hyacinth Mariscotti of Vignorello [Giacinta] [baptized Clarice] (Italian, noblewoman, Franciscan  sister, died at about age 55 in 1640 [beatified 1726, canonized 1807])

πŸ“° St. Martina of Rome (Italian, virgin, martyred in 228)

πŸ“° Bl. Mary Bolognesi of Bosaro [Maria] (Italian, illegitimate and impoverished child, laywoman devoted to service of poor and sick, mystic, died at age 55 in 1980 [beatified 2013])

πŸ“° St. Mucian Mary Wiaux of Mellet [Mutien-Marie] [baptized Louis] ["The Praying Brother"] (Belgian, member of Christian Brothers, elementary school teacher, died at age 75 in 1917 [beatified 1977, canonized 1989])

πŸ“° St. Savina of Milan (Italian, matron, d. 311)

πŸ“° Bl. Sebastian ValfrΓ¨ of Verduno [Sebastiano] (Italian, Oratorian  priest, spiritual director, died at age 80 in 1710 [beatified 1834])

πŸ“° Bl. Sigmund Pisarski of Krasnystaw [Zygmunt] (Polish, diocesan priest, martyred by Nazis at Gdeszyn [Poland] at age 40 in 1943 [beatified 1999])

πŸ“° St. Tudy (Welsh, virgin, 5th Century)

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