January 03, 2014

⛪ Saint Theognis, Saint Primus & Saint Cyrinus

⛪ Saint of the Day : January 3

(About A.D. 320)

[The Martyrologies of St. Jerome, Bede, Usuardus. Commemorated in the Roman Martyrology on this day ; in the Greek Mensea on the 2nd Jan. Theognis, especially, is famous throughout East and West. The account in the Mensea and Menology is probably trustworthy. The Acts published by the Bollandists are of doubtful authority.]

Theognis was the son of the Bishop ot Cyzicus, in Hell espont. In the persecution of Licinius, he and his companions suffered at Cyzicus, being first scourged, and then cast into the sea.

Source : The Lives of the Saints - Baring-Gould Sabine

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