December 12, 2018

⛪ Saint Finnian of Clonard

⛪ Saint of the Day : 12 December

 Other Names :
Finian of Clonard
Finden of Clonard
Teacher of the Irish Saints

St. Finian was a native of Leinster, was instructed in the elements of Christian virtue by the disciples of St. Patrick, and passed over into Wales ; but about the year 530 he returned into Ireland. To propagate the work of God, our Saint established several monasteries and schools. St. Finian was chosen and consecrated Bishop of Clonard. In the love of his flock and his zeal for their salvation he was infirm with the infirm, and wept with those that wept. He healed the souls, and often also the bodies, of those that applied to him. He departed to Our Lord on the 13th of December in 549.

Legend attributes many miracles to him. Birds would gather around him because of his gentle holiness. Reported to have cleared parasitic insects, worms and vermin from the island of Flathlom and the regions of Nantcarfan. One story says that he fended off a party of Saxon raiders by causing an earthquake to swallow their camp.

Relics originally enshrined in Clonard, but were destroyed in the 9th century

More Info :
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