January 08, 2019

⛪ Saint Atticus of Constantinople - Bishop

  Saint of the Day : January 8

(A.D. 425.)

[Roman Martyrology, that of Usuardus and the German Martyrologies. Authorities for his life, very numerous: Socrates, Sozomen, Synesius, Palladius, Photius, Nicephoms, Zonaras, etc.]

Atticus, a man of gentle spirit and conciliatory manners, succeeded Saint Chrysostom in the see of Constantinople. He, at first, refused to admit the name of his predecessor into the diptychs; but was afterwards moved to yield, in accordance with the Latin Church, which refused communion with the see of Constantinople till the righteousness of the cause of the great Chrysostom had been acknowledged. Atticus was engaged in correspondence on this subject with Saint Cyril of Alexandria, who vehemently resented the admission of the name of Chrysostom, till he also yielded at the instance of Isidore of Pelusium.

Lives of the Saints, by Father Alban Butler

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