January 10, 2019

⛪ Saint Thecla of Lentini - Martyr

⛪ Saint of the Day : January 10

⛪ Other Names : Tecla • Tekla

⛪ Born : 3rd century Lentini, Sicily, Italy

⛪ Died : 10 January 264 in Lentini, Sicily, Italy

(3rd century)

[Authority for the lives of these Saints: the lections in the proper offices for this day in the church of Lentini, in Sicily.]

Saint Thecla was a noble virgin of Lentini, and daughter of Saint Isidore. She buried the bodies of the martyrs with loving reverence. For three years she suffered from paralysis, and could not leave her bed, but was healed by the prayers of Saints Alphius, Philadelphus, and Cyrinus. When they were in prison for the faith, she visited them and ministered to their necessities, and when they had been slain and cast into a well, she extracted the bodies and buried them. Tertullus, the governor, hearing of this, sent for her, but his sudden death saved her from injury. During the persecution, she concealed Agatho, Bishop of Lipari, in one of her farms; and when the persecution was over, she and her friend Justina spent their fortunes in works of mercy.

Source : Lives of the Saints, by Sabine Baring-Gould

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