Prayer to St. Joachim (3)

O great Patriarch, Saint Joachim, deserving by thy singular virtue to be chosen of old by divine Providence to give to the world that immaculate Queen, in whom all nations were to be blessed, and who, in her virginal bosom, was to bear the Savior of the human race: we who are thy devout clients rejoice with thee in this thy great privilege, and implore thee to extend thy special protection to ourselves and our families. Do not, dear Saint, suffer the devil and sin to find a place in our hearts, nor the false maxims of the world to lead us astray; permit us not to live unmindful of eternity, for which we have been created. Obtain for us from God a firm and unshaken faith in opposition to the impieties and errors which are ever being spread abroad by the enemies of Holy Church and the Apostolic See; a sincere and constant devotion to the Vicar of Jesus Christ, the Roman Pontiff; and an unfailing courage in refuting calumnies against those things which are most sacred and venerable in our holy religion. Do thou, who art powerful by reason of that love which thy holy daughter Mary bears toward thee, assist the cause of the Church, gain for her the victory for which she sighs, scatter the powers of darkness, destroy their pride and grant that the light of the true faith may shine resplendent in all minds. Grant us, above all, a tender and filial devotion to thy beloved daughter and our Mother, Mary most holy, so that we, honoring her daily with our devout homage, may be made worthy to be numbered by her amongst her children; and after the miseries of this exile may be brought to praise and bless the mercy of God forever in heaven. Amen. Our Father... Hail Mary.... Glory be... Glory be... Glory be... (Raccolta)

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