Prayer to St. Walburga


O holy St. Walburga, glorious servant of God, after you had lived holily in peaceful obscurity, you were united by your blessed death to your Divine Spouse, Jesus Christ, in order to receive from Him the reward of your virtues.  You followed the Lamb wherever He went, and you shared in that glory and joy which only the clean of heart can enjoy.  You are enthroned amid the choir of saints, joined by your holy parents, St. Richard and St. Wuna, and to your holy brothers, St. Willibald and St. Wunibald.  Forget not those who still have to struggle amid the stormy sea of life, and obtain for them the prize of victory.  Amen.


I joyfully salute you today, O royal virgin, and I thank you especially for that great love with which, together with your brothers Willibald and Wunibald, you did bring the light of faith to our ancestors.  O holy virgin, by your great merits, I pray and beseech you to enlighten me by your example, and help me by your powerful patronage, that I may be delivered from every sinful inclination and inordinate attachment to creatures and to myself, and that I may wholly and entirely lose myself in God. Your heroic courage in despising earthly goods encourages and helps me to sever once and for all those ties which still bind me to the world and its pleasures.  May your burning love for souls deliver me from all luke-warmness, so that I may die to the world and strive after Heaven.  Amen.

Prayer In Bodily Pain

O blessed St. Walburga, your compassionate heart, for all the sick and afflicted who seek your help, leads all such to your Divine Spouse Jesus, the Good Samaritan, that He may heal them all.  Take me also to Jesus, and obtain from Him my cure, and freedom from the pains that oppress me, and from the troubles that afflict my soul.  Be you my helper and consoler:  you can and you will assist me if it be God’s will.  I have recourse to you with confidence, and if you will help me, I will most lovingly thank you.  But if it is not God’s will that this chalice of suffering should pass from me, then, o my blessed patroness, obtain for me a still greater grace:  that I may be constant in prayer, joyful in hope and patient in tribulation, and full of confidence that at any moment God may take from me my cross, and number me among those who have come out of great tribulation and have washed their robes in the Blood of the Lamb, and in the tears of contrition.  Amen.

Prayer For Perfect Contrition

O blessed St. Walburga, you did despise the joys of this world, and by means of a humble and penitential life in the cloister did will to be a continual victim of reparation and a holocaust of love.  Obtain for me a contrite and humble heart together with the spirit of penance, so that for love of my Savior dying on the cross, I may die to myself both interiorly and exteriorly, and that I may take special pains to avoid my particular failings.  Thus may I reach by the way of holy penance that heavenly home which is reserved for the innocent and the penitent.  Amen.

Prayer To Preserve Innocence And Purity

O holy St. Walburga, you most pure bride of Christ, from your very childhood your innocent heart was dedicated to God, and you did endeavor by fervent prayer and constant watchfulness to keep yourself pure and undefiled.  Do you help me to keep the bright example of your innocence ever before my mind.  You are now in Heaven, in the company of those virgins who follow the Lamb wherever He goes.  Pray for me, O holy virgin, that I may esteem chastity above all else, that I may rather lose all things than commit a grievous sin against the holy virtue.  Protect me in every danger.  Grant that under your patronage and the protection of my heavenly mother Mary and my holy Guardian Angel, I may courageously overcome every temptation, and may preserve the wedding garment of innocence, pure and undefiled, and may see and enjoy God eternally with you and all pure souls.  Amen.

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