January 04, 2019

⛪ Saint Rigobert of Rheims

⛪ Saint of the Day : January 4

⛪ Other Names : Gobert, Rigobertus, Robert

 Feast :
• 4 January • 14 June (translation of relics)

Here followeth the Life of Saint Rigobert. Saint Rigobert was Archbishop of Rheims, ever filled with holiness, and reigned in that time in which two noble kings did reign in France, that is to wit Childebert and Dagobert, and was extract or come out of the most excellent lineage that was in all the region. His father had the name Constantine, and his mother was called Francigene which was of the country of Porcien. Saint Rigobert from the time of his youth gave and abandoned himself to heavenly and celestial discipline. He loved chastity, he was ready in watchings and prayers, true both in word and in deed. Charitable, full of abstinence, founded in humility, adorned of sapience, in justice true and just, prudent and wise in counsel, and honest in all conditions and in all good virtues. He proceeded thus as he grew and persevered ever from better to better in spiritual deeds, and that he was of age perfect, by election celestial he was chosen and enhanced into the dignity of Archbishop of Rheims, in which dignity by the grace of our Lord he maintained and governed him so that he was both loved and dreaded of all folk. It was no marvel if the good people loved him, for much they desired to hear his good doctrines and monitions spiritual, and humbly to serve him. Ne no marvel it was if the evil folk doubted him, which for their sins doubted much to be reproved of him. Saint Remy writeth that by him was as it was by Saint Peter, that did appear to them that thought to do well much debonairly, and as Saint Paul, that to the sinners showed him increpatively, for he promised misericord to them that were in sin, to the end that they should amend themselves, and to the good folk he promised pain without end if they fell from their good works. He feared the good folk to the end that they should take no vain glory within themselves for their good deeds, and the sinners he recomforted to the end that for their sins and malice they should not be despaired, but that they should be diligent to put from them their sins, and to fall in penance. Therefore by his good and diligent predication he invited many a one to do good works. By the multiplication also of his good doctrines many a one led a life of holy conversation. 

By his good ensamples many a one he withdrew unto his holy company. Thus he gave himself to all folk, travailing always for their salvation. He was Archbishop of Rheims, after a man that was full of great virtues, that men called Reole, which was nigh cousin to him as some folk say. When the foresaid Reole was dead, the siege of Rheims was recant and void by many years, for cause of many things that were destroyed, which by long process of time had been gotten, and with great devotion and diligence founded. All the which things the same glorious Saint Rigobert repaired and restored into their first estate, for he ordained a religion on canons and clerks after the number that they had been in time before passed, and sufficiently ordained for their living, to the end that they should tend and wait busily and diligently to the divine service. They took not the canonic breed, for the canons that were at that time were not of such rule as the canons be in time present, but they governed themselves after the rule of Saint Austin. Nevertheless he gave to them many things which they kept as their own good to the end that perpetually they might help them with at their need. He was also the first Archbishop of Rheims that first ordained a common treasure in their church, and general to all their usages necessary in time to come. These works he made and many more innumerable virtues and miracles, and he, filled with benewred ancienty of days, by holy perseveration rendered his soul unto our Lord, cui honor et imperium.

Source : Golden Legend

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