March 10, 2019

πŸ•‚Morning Prayers - by St. Alphonsus

As soon as you awake, make the sign of the cross.

O my God, prostrate in Thy presence, I adore Thy boundless Majesty, I love Thine infinite goodness above all things, and I thank Thee with my whole heart for all the blessings Thou hast bestowed on me, and especially for having preserved me during the past night. I consecrate to Thee, in union with the merits of Jesus Christ, all my thoughts, all my words and works, and all the sufferings of this day: and I intend that every thought, word, and work, and suffering, shall be for Thy greater glory, and in honor of N _____
(Make mention of a particular mystery or saint.)

I intend also to gain all the Indulgences that I can in favor of the souls in Purgatory.

O my God, for the love of Jesus Christ, preserve me from all sin. My Jesus, by Thy merits, grant that I may live always united to Thee. Mary, my Mother, bless me, and protect me under thy mantle. My Holy Guardian Angel, and all my Holy Patrons, intercede for me. Amen.

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