Prayer to Pope St. Pius V

The scourge of war is on us, for the worship of God is despised: the chastisement that avenges guilt is menacing our earth. In this peril, which of the heavenly citizens can we better invoke in our defense than thee, O Pius? O blessed Pontiff! No mortal ever labored with such zealous vigor to promote God's glory on earth as thou didst; No mortal ever struggled, as thou didst, to free Christian lands from the yoke which barbarians were seeking to put upon them. Thy power is greater now that thou art in heaven: look upon us thy clients! Restrain civil discord and repel our enemies. May thy prayers bring golden peace upon the earth; that in calm security we may sing our canticles to God with a gladder heart. To thee, O Blessed Trinity, one God, be glory, praise and power, for ever and ever. Amen. (Hymn, St. Mary Major)

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