Saint Adalhard

January 2

Date : 827

Family : 
Father: Bernard 
Mother: Unknown
Spouse: Unknown 
Siblings: Pippin II

Country : Austrasia

Ancestors : Charles Martel is the Grandfather of Saint Adalhard.

Branches of the Tree : Charles Martel is the Grandfather of Charlemagne as well as Saint Adalhard.

Biography : Saint Adalhard was the brother of Pippin II. He is patron of French churches and towns. He was the nephew of Charles Martel and cousin of Charlemagne. Therefore he was raised as a nobleman at the court of his cousin Charlemagne. He stayed in court until age twenty when he entered a monastery of Corbie in Picardy. He then went to Monte Cassino, until Charlemagne asked him to return to court. While at Corbie he was elected abbot and then became Prime Minister to Pepin, the son of Charlemagne, King of Italy. He was banished to Hermoutier when involved in the political struggles of the royal family in 814. He returned to the court of Louis the Pious after seven years of exile. Adelard died on January 2, 827.

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