March 11, 2019

πŸ•‚A Morning Hymn

Brightly shines the morning star;
Pray we God his grace to give,
That from sin and danger far,
We the coming day may live.

That the tongue by Him withheld,
May from sounds of strife refrain ;
That the eye from roving quell'd,
Seek not sights corrupt or vain.
That the heart , with pureness fraught,
May from folly turn aside ;
And the flesh, by temperance taught,
Calm its lusts, and veil its pride.

That, when He the day shall close,
And the night successive bring,
We triumphant o'er our foes,
May our hymn of glory sing.
Glory, Sire of all, to thee;
And to thee, co-equal Son,
With the Spirit, glory be;
One in Three and Three in One. 

Let us pray :

Almighty Lord and God, who hast brought us to the beginning of this day, let thy powerful grace so conduct us through it, that we may not fall into any sins; but that all our thoughts, words and actions, may be regulated according to the rules of thy heavenly justice, and tend to the observance of thy holy law, through the merits of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Obtain for me, 0 blessed Mother of God , from thy only begotten Son, whatsoever thou knowest to be necessary for the salvation of my soul. May the souls departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

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